Assessor/Collector Response to COVID-19

Follow us on Facebook for immediate updates. Update Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Due to COVID-19, the assessment department is closed for in-person service until further notice.  For assessment information, or to chat live with an assessor, click here. Assessment changes and updates will be processed by phone, email, and

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Major Tax Prepayment Milestone Reached in Clay County

The Office of Clay County Collector has achieved an important milestone by accepting over half a million dollars in prepaid taxes in 2017.  Prepayments are available in Clay County from March through September each year, and allow residents to manage their tax bill in a way that is convenient for personal budgets and cash flow

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A Government Office that Cares About Customer Service: Why We’re Open Until 7 PM, Thursday at the Annex

A Government Office that Cares About Customer Service: Why We're Open Until 7 PM, Thursday at the Annex How many government workers does it take to change a light bulb? Six—one to commission a study, one to analyze compliance with safety and quality standards, one to manage the bulb change project, two to fill out

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Under Construction on the Liberty Square

Fellow Clay County residents... I have to warn you, it's tricky maneuvering the square right now... but it's worth it. We're in here waiting with a smile and answers to your questions. And its not as bad as it seems. I actually heard one of the construction workers singing this morning. These guys have great

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Improvements in the Northland—and a Higher Tax Bill for the Next 20 Years

The Office of Collector is not taking a position on the recent approval of the KC GO Bonds. This page is non-political, designed only to inform taxpayers. However, it is important that taxpayers in Kansas City understand the impact of the voters’ approval of the GO Bond plan, and its impact on tax bills over

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