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I am renting a mobile home, am I responsible for the taxes?2020-01-20T12:05:41-05:00

The party responsible for the taxes should be stated in your rental agreement. If it is a ‘rent to own’ agreement, you may be responsible. Make sure to check your agreement or contact whomever you are renting from.

I no longer live in Clay County. Why am I still being assessed on the mobile home?2020-01-20T12:05:41-05:00

Unless we are informed otherwise by the park or the taxpayer, the person named on the title or the purchasing agreement for the mobile home will be responsible for the taxes.

I received a bill, but only my mobile home was on it. Why?2020-01-20T12:05:41-05:00

More than likely, we did not receive your personal assessment list, but the mobile home was rendered to us by the park. When that happens, we do not assess the vehicles until the taxpayer either sends in their personal assessment list or comes in to one of our locations to be assessed.

Aren’t mobile homes real estate?2020-01-20T12:05:41-05:00

Mobile homes are only considered real estate if they are permanently affixed to a permanent foundation. If that is the case, you need to make sure to contact Clay County.

How are mobile homes assessed?2020-01-20T12:05:42-05:00