The Office of Clay County Collector has achieved an important milestone by accepting over half a million dollars in prepaid taxes in 2017.  Prepayments are available in Clay County from March through September each year, and allow residents to manage their tax bill in a way that is convenient for personal budgets and cash flow in a variety of households.

Tax dollars that are paid early are distributed to the schools and other taxing jurisdictions as much as 60 days earlier than other, on time tax payments.

“Paying taxes at Christmas is one of the difficult financial burdens faced by many Missourians,” says Collector, Lydia McEvoy. “I was encouraged during my first term to find a way to relieve the pressure of that deadline, and I am pleased so many taxpayers find our efforts to be useful.”

Senior citizens and others on fixed or limited incomes are the populations most significantly served by the program that allows them to pay their annual bill in predictable, manageable installments. Currently, taxpayers may send any amount of money, anytime, to the Collector, using a written check or the online bill pay service provided by their bank, include a parcel number on the check, and the payment will be credited before bills are printed in November.  Tools to help taxpayers estimate their tax liability are available at

This prepayment service would not be possible without the assistance of the Assessor and her staff, which help taxpayers estimate the value of their property,” reminds Collector McEvoy. “We began this program using existing software, but we are excited to see how management of the increased amounts will get even easier with our new software platform.” Collector McEvoy and Assessor Rinehart have been working for several years to fully integrate the functions of their two offices, and both offices are scheduled to be fully integrated on the new product by the spring of 2018.

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