Prepayments available March 1 – Sept. 30.
Total paid in 2019: $804,448.


When you prepay, you send us the same exact money you will be responsible to pay anyway, but it gets into the hands of your schools, ambulance and fire districts, hospitals, and public service providers up to 60 days earlier and you get to relax at the holidays and spend your hard earned money on gifts for friends and family.


By Check

Always include the parcel number you wish to pay on your check.

Online Bill Pay

Make sure your online bill pay provider includes the parcel number as your account number.


You may pay any amount (we prefer payments over $20), any time between March 1 and September 30 each year.

Prepayments will be held in a separate account until bills are generated each year. They will be applied before bills are mailed, and your mailed or online bill will reflect your outstanding balance. Overpayments will be refunded in November of each year. Prepayments cannot be adjusted, refunded, or applied to taxes at any time between March 1 and September 30 each year. They will be applied to the annual tax bill in late October, and refunds and adjustments will be made one time, after the annual tax bills have been generated. No prepayments will be accepted after September 30 or before March 1 each year. Taxpayers do not earn interest on prepaid money.

We cannot help you estimate the amount of taxes you will owe. Please use previous tax bills to estimate the amount you should prepay–taking into account any changes in the property you owned, or any changes in the levy rates that apply to your address. You may use our simple estimator tool below, but please note that these are approximate calculations.

  • The PERSONAL PROPERTY ESTIMATOR can only be used to estimate tax bills for personal vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and trailers. Do NOT use this tool to estimate tax bills for business equipment, animals, crops, or any type of land or real estate.
  • The REAL ESTATE ESTIMATOR can only be used to estimate tax bills for residential property that was occupied on January 1.  Do NOT use this tool to estimate tax bills for vacant land, commercial property, agricultural property, property that became occupied during the year, or mixed use property.

This tool is designed to help you estimate your tax bill in Clay County, Missouri only. Assessment values and tax rates are calculated according to state law, and nothing entered into this form can bind Clay County to a particular value or rate.  This is a personal tool, with limited purpose and value.

Please also keep in mind that interest, penalty, and fees are charged when property is either assessed or paid late.  This tool only provides an estimate of the base taxes.